We offer workplace sessions in both yoga and meditation, appropriate for an office conference room. The first session is always free!

MEDITATION– half-hour sessions include discussion, preparation, mindfulness meditation and question/answer period.

YOGA– we offer a couple of yoga options-

Relax and Refresh-   A 30-minute session around a conference room table, including guided meditation, stress-reducing breathing exercises, stretching and movement- both chair-based and standing. Great for a mid-day break to help employees re-energize for the rest of the workday.

Vinyasa- If space is available in your office, a 60-minute session of mat-based yoga practice. Includes stretching, meditation, breathing  (pranayama) and vinyasa flow. Great for re-charging after work.

COMBINATION- 30 minutes of Relax and Refresh and 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation. A great treat for you employees.