We are proud to introduce you to The Yoga Practice, a unique concept that brings the practice of Yoga and Meditation  into the workplace for the benefit of employers and employees alike.

The Yoga Practice Logo 2When you think of Yoga you may imagine men and women with perfect bodies doing handstands, headstands and impossible-looking backbends. But Yoga is available to people of any age, shape or size, regardless of flexibility or bodily strength. The practice of Yoga is not just limited to the physical aspect (known in Sanskrit as “asana”), but encompasses and embraces so much more. The true practice of Yoga is actually comprised of eight “limbs” or eight separate components, including movement, breathing, and meditation.

     The Yoga Practice brings these three important facets of Yoga directly into the workplace. Through sessions lasting either 30 or 60  minutes, participants learn and practice meditation techniques, breathing exercises (“pranayama”) and physical movements designed to address some of the most common workplace complaints. Many office workers, regardless of profession, suffer from hand and wrist issues, shoulder and neck discomfort, lower back pain, and eye strain;  not to mention the ubiquitous job stress that seems to afflict everybody in the office regardless of title or position. The benefits of these sessions to your employees will be quickly noticeable and ultimately immeasurable.

During the 30-minute session, employees gather around a conference room table; there is no need to change clothes. Beginning with a calming guided meditation, we transition to energizing breathing exercises, stretches and invigorating movements which anybody can do, meant to counteract the repetitive motions that occur while spending so much time sitting at a desk and in front of a computer.

For our 60-minute Vinyasa yoga sessions, participants bring mats and change into yoga-friendly clothing. Classes incorporate guided meditation, breathing exercises (“pranayama”), stretching,  and movement (“asana”) practice. This is a great way to end a stressful day!

We are also very happy to offer dedicated sessions in Mindfulness Meditation to your employees.  Just Google “Meditation” to find out its many benefits- lowers blood pressure, eases stress, improves focus, helps with better sleep, and so much more.  And there’s no complicated process involved- no props necessary, no special room required- just a place to be able to sit quietly for a relatively short time. Sessions include instruction and introduction to meditation, mindfulness meditation practice, and time after for questions and discussion. This could be the most important 30-45 minutes of the day!

Feel free to contact Diane Nickelberg-Barnett at 917-288-7397 or at dnyogini@gmail.com for further information on any of the above or to schedule a complimentary session at your workplace.